Improve your bottom line with a lean global supply chain.

Supply chain complexity is rising to match today's demand-driven market. Improve performance and reduce costs with state of the art-technology, best-in-class partners and a flexible fulfillment and logistics infrastructure.


Rising Order Fulfillment and Delivery Costs

Orders are growing domestically and abroad, and the cost to fulfill and deliver to a growing customer base is eating away at your profit margin. Opening up numerous warehouses on your own is not a cost-effective solution.


FlexNet® - A Scalable Global Fulfillment Network

Partnering with an established solutions provider with a global, scalable network will allow you to grow quickly, without capital investment. A combination of intelligent order sourcing, least-cost routing and provider optimization will result in quicker deliveries at a reduced cost.


Lacking Inventory Visibility

When inventory is siloed for each sales channel or inventory location, customers have limited inventory availability. This can result in out-of-stock scenarios and missed sales, or selling stock that is unavailable –creating customer dissatisfaction.


Pooled Inventory for Multi-Channel Order Sourcing

An omnichannel order management hub will enable the sharing of inventory for all your sales channels. Customers will have accurate information on product availability and delivery speed.


Blind Decision Making

Brands and manufacturers receive minimal information from retailers of upcoming product demand. Even accessing and leveraging historical sales data through self-branded websites or physical stores can be a challenge.


Data Driven Strategic Planning and Forecasting

Obtain real-time, accurate and comprehensive data through an integrated EDGE technology suite that unites order management, warehouse management and transportation management functions.

Ready to optimize your supply chain?

Lower costs and delivery on customer promises with our FlexNet Fulfillment, eCommerce Delivery and Logistics Solutions.

  • Reduce order delivery and fulfillment costs
  • Always meet the customer delivery promise date
  • Enable buy, fulfill and return anywhere convenience
  • Access and leverage data for strategic decision making
  • Gain a real-time, holistic view of your inventory