For many years, the world of contact center quality assurance had remained relatively unchanged. QA agents would listen to recorded phone calls and check off boxes on a spreadsheet in order to generate a score that was averaged with all other call scores. Due to the manual nature of this process, fewer than 1% of calls were actually monitored, which meant contact center supervisors had no way of truly gauging their employees’ performance. Five years ago, that all changed. Enter speech analytics.

Why Speech Analytics?

If an employee takes 400 to 500 calls during any given week, but only three to four of those calls are monitored, does that provide an accurate assessment? If the agent is excellent in his or her role but we’ve chosen less-than-stellar calls to evaluate, is that fair to the employee or helpful to the company? The answer: No. And by implementing CallMiner’s speech analytics platform, Eureka, we’ve transformed the way we evaluate agent performance.

At our contact center, we use Eureka to monitor 100% of calls, which serves two main purposes:

     1. It paints an accurate picture of the agent’s overall quality.

     2. It allows us to quickly identify areas in need of improvement.

The platform also provides agents with access to their own scores and enables them to listen to their calls using the agent portal, myEureka. Aside from receiving coaching from the QA team and supervisors, this also allows the agents to self-coach.

Quality monitoring is just one of the benefits of speech analytics, but it has many others:

  • Quickly see trends within groups of calls.
  • Analyze call volume and flow to improve agent efficiency.
  • Search for words or phrases in order to identify issues and successes.
  • Sort and analyze subsets of calls using metadata that is attached to every recording.
  • Easily adjust scores and searches to comply with changing client requirements.
  • Report and export results quickly in a variety of formats.
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This is one of many reports built into the Eureka dashboard that shows contact counts by call disposition code (wrap up code).

An Evolving Platform for an Expanding Company

As TradeGlobal continues to grow and add employees to our contact center, we continue to expand our use of Eureka and its capabilities. Through speech analytics, our overall agent quality continues to improve. We’ve incorporated Eureka as an invaluable training tool for onboarding new agents, using good and bad call ‘snippets’ to demonstrate preferred techniques and phrases.

The result? Our new agents are hitting the phones with better quality scores than ever before. We no longer see the QA ramp-up that we had previously just accepted as the norm. The agents’ ability to monitor their scores and listen to problem areas only reinforces the training and helps them maintain high scores.

Speech analytics is a relatively new but rapidly evolving field. Gone are the days of checking off boxes on a spreadsheet. With CallMiner’s technology and our team of experts, we’ve positioned ourselves for sustainable growth as we look toward the future.

CallMiner is one of several speech analytics software platforms out there. In order to choose the platform that best suits your business, you first need to identify which issues you’d like to address through this technology. To learn more about our techniques, get in touch with us!