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July 8, 2014
Two tips for minimizing cart abandonment
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July 8, 2014
Cart abandonment can cost sales. Cart abandonment can cost sales.
The bane of every online store's existence is shopping cart abandonment. It's infuriating watching a customer go all the way down the purchase path before deciding to jump ship at the very last moment.

Although this isn't a problem that can be fixed 100 percent of the time, retailers can take steps to reduce abandonment.

One option that merchants may want to consider is streamlining the checkout process, as Business 2 Community suggested. Many customers get turned off by the fact that they have to register for an account at the last moment or are presented with unexpected shipping and handling fees in the final steps of the process. This is enough of a frustration that shoppers may simply head to stores that don't spring last-minute surprises on them. Merchants should aim to make the checkout process as easy as possible by cutting out unneeded steps and eliminating surprise fees.

"Customers don't want check out to take 15 minutes, just as no one wants to wait in a long line at a brick and mortar store," the source added.

Live customer chat is another function that may significantly reduce the number of abandoned carts. Although eCommerce has grown substantially over the years, there is no denying the fact that it still lacks some of the tactile elements associated with offline shopping. Live customer chat can help to close that gap.

Abandoned carts are a reality that every merchant faces and there is no way to guarantee every sale. But even taking simple steps such as streamlining the checkout process to eliminate surprises and adding live chat may give retailers a boost in conversion rates.