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September 17, 2014
Retailers invest more heavily in eCommerce solutions
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September 17, 2014
Retailers can use technology to improve their operations. Retailers can use technology
to improve their operations.
In an effort to better serve customers, retailers are building their own solutions and platforms less and are instead relying on third-party technologies to do the job. Internet Retailer reported that many sellers want to specialize more in specific areas, so it makes more sense to invest in solutions that already cater to these specific needs instead of trying to build their own systems.

Internet Retailer came to this conclusion after taking a look at its leading vendors list. Several vendors grew their retailer base by about 42 percent, with vendors in some specialized categories seeing client growth of up to 1,072 percent. These solutions could include everything from analytics platforms to social media marketing tools.

"Most of the big retailers and established Web merchants have very capable core eCommerce systems in place that allow them to process eCommerce transactions efficiently," Gartner Vice President and Information Technology Analyst Gene Alvarez told the news source. "But what online shoppers really want these days is a very personalized and convenient experience, and it's the retailers that are investing in better technology to meet those customer expectations that will survive and grow."

The investment in technology comes at a time when many merchants are trying to build an omnichannel retailing experience that incorporates multiple sales avenues. While this allows merchants to engage customers in a number of different ways, it also creates a more complex selling environment that requires retailers to be extremely flexible if they want to engage prospects effectively.

Modern eCommerce solutions can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from live chat services with customer service agents to order fulfillment. It is crucial that merchants understand their needs and make the right investments that will allow them to fill any gaps.