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July 19, 2013
A number of millennials spend an hour a day or more on eCommerce websites
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July 19, 2013
New research from DDB Worldwide, Urban Land institute and eMarketer highlights the impact an omnichannel shopping environment can have for retailers targeting millennial customers. These consumers are incredibly tech-savvy and turn to a number of digital shopping channels as starting points for purchases, so taking an omnichannel approach to engagement is almost a necessity.

Millenials Shop online Millennials and other generations want to pick
and choose where they shop.

Citing a 2013 Urban Land Institute report, eMarketer notes that nearly one-third of millennials (28 percent) spend between one and two hours a day shopping online, while 17 percent dedicated even more time to quench their retail thirst. Men and women of this generation are spending more or less the same amount of time browsing online retail sites.

However, merchants must note that the product being purchased affects how and where millennials make purchases. For instance, 50 percent of respondents said they would research consumer electronics online but make the purchase in-store. Conversely, 32 percent would buy sports equipment online without ever visiting the store first.

Cross-channel retail interactions
A separate study from DDB Worldwide brings further evidence to light regarding how other generational customers are shopping across a number of channels. For instance, 30 percent of male generation Y shoppers use retail apps on their mobile phones, 25 percent have requested a price match in-store using their devices and 24 percent have shopped for and purchased items via their smartphones. Additionally, 40 percent would ideally buy everything online.

Compared to older customers, millennials were nearly twice as likely to engage in any of those activities. This highlights how important it is to offer these individuals an omnichannel shopping environment, particularly if your brand relies on engaging this audience.

"With digital shopping an ingrained behavior for most millennials - whether they research or buy on the Web - online retail stores and comparison shopping sites will continue to be critical stops in their path to purchase," eMarketer explains.

Merchants will need an effective eCommerce platform and order management system that can effectively serve customers of all ages, regardless of how they prefer to shop. Convenience is king among modern shoppers, and retailers taking an omnichannel shopping approach will be able to offer this flexibility to their customers.