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November 25, 2013
3 ways mobile can enhance holiday sales strategies
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November 25, 2013
Mobile can improve the customer experience during the busy holiday shopping season. Mobile can improve the customer experience
during the busy holiday shopping season.
It has become just as common to see a customer using a smartphone for in-store shopping as it is to see them looking at items on the shelves at retail stores. If merchants want to capitalize on the rise of these devices, they need to not only acknowledge existence of smartphones but actively incorporate them into the shopping strategy. This will be especially critical during the upcoming holiday shopping season as retailers seek to improve customer engagement to maximize their sales.

That only leaves the question of "how?" Here are three suggestions for retailers looking to up the mobile ante for the holiday shopping season: 1. Digitize deals
It's no secret that paper coupons can be an annoyance - customers may not receive them, forget them at home or accidentally destroy them. By digitizing coupons and incorporating them into mobile apps, retailers can help ensure ​that their customers are never more than an arm's length away from these discounts, Multichannel Merchant suggested.

2. Optimize site performance for tablets and smartphones
Despite the rise in consumers' use of smartphones and tablets for shopping, a number of merchants haven't fully adjusted to the change. According to a recent survey from The Search Agency, only 16 of the top 100 multichannel retailers' mobile websites loaded in less than 1 second. In some instances, they took longer than 10 seconds. For a busy holiday shopper, that is simply not good enough and could cost retailers sales.

3. Improve the point-of-purchase
Long lines are the norm at peak shopping hours during the holidays. Retailers can utilize tablets as point-of-sale systems to alleviate some of the stress at the traditional register. For example, employees armed with specialized tablets can check consumers out straight from the sales floor.