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Capture the Potential of Omnichannel Commerce

EDGE® OMS. The Hub that Makes Omnichannel Retailing Work.

Your customers are demanding it. Your competitors are doing it. Isn’t it time you move ahead.

While a company’s website and customer facing systems facilitate customer interaction, the most important capabilities in the omnichannel environment are driven by back-end systems. That’s why many industry analyst and ecommerce experts refer to the order management system as the “Brains behind Omnichannel retailing”. And that’s how many retail clients of Jagged Peak describe the EDGE platform.

As a multi-channel, distributed order management system, EDGE serves as centralized “hub” connecting front-end and back-end systems that facilitates optimization from niche platforms whose functions are necessary to orchestrate the sharing of inventory, mashing of multiple channels into a single “Omni” channel , delivery of a common customer experience across all sales channels and customer touch points – while suppressing functions in those platforms that could disrupt the flow of information prohibiting a true “one channel” experience.

By deploying EDGE as a hub, it provides companies the benefit of leveraging investments in its existing IT infrastructure while avoiding the expense, risk and disruption of installing new systems.

Key EDGE OMS omnichannel capabilities deliver on the promise of “Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere, Return Anywhere, and Service Anywhere”.

  • Real-Time, Consolidated View of Transactional Information
  • Multi-Channel Order Capture and Aggregation
  • Perfect Order Life Cycle Management
  • Drop Ship Management
  • Rules-Based Order Sourcing and Logistics
  • Multi-Point Inventory Management and Real-Time ATP
  • Customer Service with 360° View
  • Store Order Settlement, Fulfillment and Pick-Up
  • Virtualized Returns Management
  • Multi-Language, Multi-Currency
  • Anywhere, Anytime Cloud Based Access
  • OpenTools, API’s, ESB Integration Tools
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