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Strategically Focused, Tactically Engaged Program Managers.

Ensuring Your Fulfillment Program is Operating at Peak Performance

Clients who engage us for our FlexNet fulfillment solution benefit from our experienced team of Fulfillment Program Managers (FPMs). These experienced fulfillment professionals are experts in helping clients optimize their fulfillment and logistics processes and programs. Their mission to insure client programs are performing against business objectives and provide "hands-on" management of the client's program at the warehouse floor level, serving as the central point-of-contact (as opposed to single point-of-contact). They're responsible for managing daily program activities and projects, monitoring and enforcing SLAs, driving quality control and ensuring continuous improvement initiatives, and much more. From a client perspective, this group serves as their voice, eyes and ears in each warehouse.

FPMs own the client's program at an operational level. There are focused on ensuring warehouse operations understands the client's program requirements and service expectations. Their primary responsibility is monitor, enforce and ensure compliance of Jagged Peak service deliverables based on contractual SLAs. Tactically, FPMs are responsible for:

FlexNet Fulfillment Network
  • Analyzing and reporting performance metrics based on established KPIs and driving continuous process and program improvement initiatives
  • Reporting and resolution of operational and service issues (e.g., inventory receipts without ASN)
  • Receiving, communicating and coordinating client-requested program changes to warehouse operations
  • Preparing and delivering client-specific program reports
  • Managing scheduling and documentation of trade orders; monitoring and ensuring routing guide compliance; managing trade order EDI exceptions
  • Overseeing special projects that include conducting time studies, cost estimating and execution of tasks to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery
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