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Where Is My Order?

You Have Questions. We Have Answers. In 60 Minutes or Less.

Rapid response tacticians, FlexNet Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are responsible for program exception management (orders, inventory, receiving, etc.) and for providing clients with answers to questions related to program and transactional activities (e.g., WIMO: Where is my order?).
St Petersburg Gandy Distribution Center

The FlexNet CSR's job is to find answers, so the word "no" simply is not part of their vocabulary. When the client has fulfillment questions, this team provides the answers … within one hour. FlexNet CSRs' tactical responsibilities include:
  • Rapid response handling of client inquiries related to orders, inventory and other program transactional activities (including interactions with carriers and transportation providers)
  • Monitoring program activities and enforcing SLA compliance across all DCs (open order reporting, receiving, order error reporting). Provide reporting and escalate performance non-compliance issues to management.
  • Managing and resolving order exceptions (including backorders, orders with incomplete or undeliverable addresses, data import exceptions, short picks, ship method changes, etc.)
  • Providing manual order and data entry support
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