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An Effective Alternative To Managing It Yourself.

Specialized Expertise So You Can Focus On Your Core Competencies.

Companies today realize that outsourcing non-core competency activities not only provides them access to specialized expertise, but allows them to reduce overhead costs in which the savings can be redirected to support business building initiatives.

Jagged Peak Essential Services team offers a broad portfolio of value-added eCommerce services that are focused on helping clients with the daily operation and development of their EDGE powered eBusiness enterprise. They deliver on Jagged Peak’s promise to make it easy for our customers to operate and grow their eCommerce businesses by providing clients with outsourced solution to manage non-core competency tasks and activities – or augment internal resources to support business growth and resulting system administrative demands. The result is your eCommerce business hits the ground running from day one.

The Essential Services team includes EDGE CMS experts/web designers, SEO specialists, and eCommerce marketing and merchandising specialists. Tactically, Essential Services is responsible for:

  • Operating and administering the EDGE application on behalf of the client, including maintenance and updates to the product catalog and product pricing, creating sales promotions, managing marketplace data feeds and other demand-side activities
  • Providing webmaster services that include page content and graphic updates, SEO content maintenance, site analytics monitoring and interpretation, and other activities focused on eCommerce optimization—website and search engine accessibility, improving traffic flow and enhancing the user experience (UX), sales conversion rates and AOV, etc.
  • Essential Services offers the following benefits:

  • Gain Access to Specialized Talent and Expertise
  • Reduce Overhead and Lower Operating Costs
  • Focus On Your Competencies
  • Augment Internal Resources and Scale on Demand
  • Preserve Capital and Reduce Risks Associated with Non Performing Resources
  • Eliminate Administrative Headaches
  • Improve Business Performance and Results
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