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EDGE® StorePoint

EDGE® StorePoint - Empower Omnichannel Fulfillment

EDGE StorePoint is a web-based solution that enables omnichannel fulfillment by managing pickup in-store and ship-from-store orders from an easy-to-use online user interface. It compliments traditional Point of Sale (POS) systems and helps retailers undergo an omnichannel transformation that creates a customer-centric experience across multiple sales channels.

With StorePoint, retailers can expand product availability to shoppers, by presenting all available inventory from every store location. Orders are then fulfilled from a store location – either the customer’s preferred pick-up location or if shipped, a store location that will deliver the product quickest, at the lowest cost.

How it Works?
StorePoint is an extension of the EDGE eCommerce Order Management platform. Based on inventory availability, orders are routed to a specific store location selected by the customer for store pick up or sourced to the optimal location for store fulfillment based on configurable business rules.

Store associates can then login to view available inventory and manage those orders allocated to their store. Product images and details are conveniently displayed to help store associates quickly pick product for in-store pickup or pick, pack and ship items for customer delivery. With StorePoint it’s simple to generate invoices, create shipping labels, packing slips, and sending electronic shipping confirmations. EDGE StorePoint also functions as endless isle, where store associates can view, route and collaborate online order fulfillment.

Features & Benefits
  • Easily integrates to legacy Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Fulfills online orders with in-store inventory
  • Expands inventory and product assortment available to shoppers
  • Automatically imports sales orders from order management system (OMS)
  • Displays product information and images for quick pick and packing
  • Provides visibility with real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Provides ability to search on-hand store inventory and adjust on-hand inventory
  • Easily generates shipping labels, invoices and packing slips
  • Sends auto-notifications to customers when items are ready for pick up or have shipped
  • Sends electronic shipments manifests to UPS, FedEx carrier of your choice and transmits order tracking information back to the OMS
  • Quick implementations in 60 days or less

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