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EDGE® Platform

The Hub that Makes Omnichannel
Retailing Work

Take Control of Enterprise eCommerce with the Edge Platform from Jagged Peak.

EDGE® is an enterprise-duty, totally web-based commerce platform designed to seamlessly orchestrate the design, management and fulfillment of orders within today’s complex and demanding eCommerce ecosystem.

$1 Billion transaction Value in 2014EDGE has robust native functionality to deploy and manage the front-end website and a best-in-class order management system (OMS) to handle all of the back-office operations associated with single-channel, cross-channel and Omnichannel commerce, including “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return anywhere”

On the front end, EDGE enables you to deploy world-class web stores that deliver higher conversion rates, higher average order value and higher repurchase frequency. On the back end, the EDGE OMS aggregates all types of order formats from multiple sources and sites, consolidating everything in a common environment so the entire order life cycle can be managed in real time across one or multiple fulfillment locations.

Take Control of Your eCommerce Ecosystem
With EDGE doing all the heavy lifting, you can easily and cost-effectively transform your online business into an eCommerce force to be reckoned with—all without ever breaking a sweat!

  • Deploy and manage world-class eCommerce websites that support single-, cross- and Omnichannel eCommerce
  • Optimize your web store for mobile commerce by configuring it to automatically switch to a smaller footprint, vertical screen view when a browser detects a mobile device
  • Eliminate the need to invest in multiple applications or expensive in-house development projects because the EDGE eCommerce platform is a complete ECP and OMS solution
  • Grow as needed because EDGE is scalable and can handle virtually any eCommerce order volume or system demand
  • Create an enterprise-wide order management system because EDGE seamlessly integrates with and enhances the capabilities of all major ERP, WMS, TMS, IMS, CRM, Financial, PLM, demand planning and other systems
  • Generate improved profitability and a lower TCO because the EDGE commerce platform can be rapidly deployed via a SaaS model
  • Drive more traffic and sales with easy-to-use content management, marketing, SEO and lead-generating functionality
  • Reduce vendor dependence and costs through in-house website and application administration
  • Ensure an efficient supply chain with optimized inventory management
  • Lower your shipping costs by automatically routing orders to the warehouse, store or drop-ship provider closest to the customer
  • Maximize customer satisfaction with true "buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return anywhere" Omnichannel shopping options
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