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Gain Everything You Need With Flexible EDGE® Solution Delivery Options

Delivered the Way You Want It.

In the Cloud or On-Premise, the Choice is Yours.

The EDGE commerce platform is available in either a cloud based SaaS (Jagged Peak-hosted) or client hosted licensed model. For the SaaS model, Jagged Peak offers a multi-tenant (shared) environment as well as a single-tenant (dedicated) environment solution. The dedicated SaaS option provides clients the added benefit of having the ability to scale the infrastructure to accommodate growth and control timing and selection of software updates. SaaS delivery models provide clients exceptional value and costs for hosting and maintenance are monthly subscription and transaction based.

For clients that want to host and maintain their software on premise, Jagged Peak offers two (2) licensed options: Software Only (suited for VMware environments) or turnkey software and hardware (Appliance model). License fees are server based plus an annual fee maintenance and software dot release upgrades.

For added convenience, clients have the option at any time to switch from a SaaS to Licensed model. In those cases, Jagged Peak will apply a portion of the accrued SaaS hosting fees to the software licensing fees. For clients who seek an end-to-end EDGE solution, the EDGE WMS and TMS systems are only available via the SaaS model.

Jagged Peak-Hosted Models
  • Shared SaaS (Software as a Service) Model – Ideal for early stage clients, this cost-effective, subscription-based SaaS model is deployed in a multi-tenant environment.
  • Dedicated SaaS Model – For clients requiring greater scalability and flexibility, Jagged Peak offers a single-tenant (dedicated) hosted model.
Client-Hosted Models
  • Licensed Appliance Model – If the client has a data center, Jagged Peak can provide a packaged, preconfigured solution comprising server hardware and licensed software to host on premise.
  • Licensed VMware Model – For those clients operating a virtualized server environment, Jagged Peak provides licensed software that can be installed on virtual servers.
For SaaS solutions, Jagged Peak hosts with CenturyLink, a tier 4, SAS 70 certified data center. The EDGE platform is certified PCI-DSS compliant and meets HIPAA and Safe Harbor requirements. Data is secured through SSL encryption and access is controlled through dynamic user roles and privileges.

  • Service level guarantees – Network SLA guarantees 99.99% uptime, which is one of the most rigorous SLA guarantees currently offered by any NSP.
  • Speed – The network distributes processing to hardware best-suited for the task, and provides a level of scalability for system growth.
  • Security – Architectural design incorporates state-of-the-art tools that protect against external security attacks.
  • Scalability and reliability – Hardware and software implementations are accepted as industry standards for enterprise-wide reliability and scalability.
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