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Intuitively Organized and Modularly Constructed.

Even more control at your fingertips

EDGE® Modules Provides You Complete Control of Your E-Business Enterprise, front-to back.

The EDGE commerce platform comes as a complete, all-in-one solution. It was purposely built to manage the myriad of business and operating processes associated with managing a multi-channel eBusiness enterprise. To make it easy and intuitive to use, Jagged Peak intelligently organized EDGE functionalities into specific modules that align with the operation of an eCommerce business and how different users interact with the system. There are specific modules for customer service, product merchandising, marketing, website management, back office operations and logistics.

EDGE Platform Modules

Manage Multiple Order Types in Real Time Across all Sales Channels

Create and Manage Product SKU’s, ASN’s and Work Orders

Create Web Catalogs and Manage Product Merchandising Activities

Back Office
Settle Payment and Fulfill Orders from Any Location including Retail Stores

Configure Rules Governing Product Pricing, Sales Promotions, and Web Catalogs

Establish Fulfillment Providers, Shipping Methods, Order Sourcing Rules and S/H Pricing
View and Execute Warehouse Shipping, Receiving and Inventory Stock Transfers

Digital Assets
Manage and Assign Electronic Files (Image , Document and Video) to Products and Web Pages

Customer Service
Create Customer Profiles , Capture and Track Orders, Manage Product Returns and Refunds

Create Event Triggered Email Notifications to Customers and other Recipients

Create Order Tracking for Marketing Campaigns and Affiliate Programs

View and Download 100+ Real-Time Program Reports for Orders, Catalog, Inventory, Customers and more.
Purchase Orders
Issue, Track and Manage Supplier Purchase Orders for Inventory Replenishment

E-Mail Marketing
Launch Broadcast Email Campaigns to EDGE Customers and External Lists

Build Responsive Websites and Manage Web Page Content and Graphics Using WYSIWYG Tools

Real-Time Information Intelligence to help You Analyze and Optimize the Performance Of Your Sales Channels

Set-Up and Manage International Currency Exchange Rates

System Admin
Configure Application Settings, Modules, Users, Integration, Dynamic Fields and Business Rules
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