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EDGE® Platform Extensions

Add-On Solutions to Enhance the Value of Your EDGE Platform

Increase Function and Capabilities Through Platform Extensions

EDGE StorePoint

EDGE StorePoint –Empowering Omnichannel In-Store and Ship-from-Store Capabilities
EDGE StorePoint is a cloud-based solution that powers omnichannel fulfillment, managing the pickup in-store and ship-from-store functions from an easy to use online portal. Orders are automatically designated to the store based on the EDGE OMS order sourcing rules. Store associates can login to StorePoint to view available inventory and manage those orders allocated to a store. Product images and details are conveniently displayed to help store associates quickly pick product for in-store pickup or pick, pack and ship items from customer delivery. With StorePoint, it’s simple to generate invoices, create shipping labels, packing slips, and send electronic shipping confirmation for all store orders. EDGE StorePoint also functions as endless isle, where store associates can view, route and collaborate online order fulfillment. Learn More
EDGE Marketing Materials Management

EDGE M3 – Marketing Materials Management Made Easy
EDGE Marketing Materials Management (M3) is a ready-to-deploy Web-based solution that enables companies to streamline, automate, and allow ordering of marketing materials in a rules-based self-service environment. M3 manages on-line access to and delivery of just about every type of file format. It helps reduce operating costs by automating those processes by which enterprises manage their marketing materials, activities and programs, thus expanding the efficiency of service and support to customers, trading partners and employees.


EDGE WMS – Web based Warehouse Inventory Control and Fulfillment System
The EDGE Warehouse Inventory Control and Fulfillment System Completes the End-to-End Solution for Your Multi-Channel eBusiness. Designed to be used in conjunction with EDGE’s powerful Order Management System (OMS), the EDGE WMS provides all of the functionality needed by today’s highly responsive eCommerce companies and fulfillment providers. Totally web-based, it can be deployed quickly and affordably in one or multiple fulfillment locations, and offers all the capabilities necessary to dramatically improve performance by optimizing processes and the efficient flow of orders and inventory inside the warehouse.


EDGE TMS – Multi-Carrier Transportation Management for Delivery Optimization
EDGE TMS is a customized version of ConnectShip™ . It has been customized by Jagged Peak to meet the shipping needs of companies engaged in high velocity E-Commerce. EDGE TMS supports multiple carriers and their services offerings, local and regional couriers, and international shipping. It also produces EOD electronic manifests and single-form packing lists and shipping labels. Additionally, it employs a proprietary Least-Cost Routing algorithm that automatically selects the lowest-cost shipping method to meet the customer promise date.*

EDGE Vendor DropShip Logo

EDGE VDP – Web Based Vendor Drop Ship Solution
EDGE VDP is an “out of the box” web solution for online retailers who utilize product suppliers to ship eCommerce orders on their behalf. EDGE VDP was specifically developed to support product vendors who are tasked with shipping orders but lack the technical capabilities to utilize EDI as the method for order communications and inventory updates.

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