Whether you're launching a new eCommerce business or remaking an existing site, it doesn't have to be as hard as you think. A smarter, more efficient way to approach the task is by drawing on the expertise of commerce cloud specialists – that is, a digital agency which can assist you with professional planning, design, development and management of your online store. Here are some helpful tips on how to do so:

Find a team experienced in eCommerce – Many companies provide some degree of general assistance with websites that incorporate online e-marketing. But when it comes to creating an eCommerce site that does what it's supposed to, giving your customers a personalized, top-notch user experience, you'll want to select experts who truly have the depth of experience with issues like branding, consumer behavior, merchandising, SEO and SEM, and syndicating products and pricing across categories.

meetingWith the right people helping you, your eCommerce business could be easy and efficient

Look for specialists who can tailor the eCommerce platform to your needs – For example, Jagged Peak is one company that is not wedded to only one approach. Depending on what works best for your particular eCommerce requirements, they'll come up with a customized solution that addresses your product niches, current trends, checkout preferences and even regional differences (such as the diverse countries of Southeast Asia). Certified in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, they're also equipped to work with other platforms as well.

Focus on analyzing, strategizing and evolving – Establishing eCommerce goals is just the starting point. You'll also want a team that can really dig into the numbers, offering strategic insights on how to develop the best customer experiences possible. In-depth knowledge of best practices in the eCommerce industry can go a long way towards skillfully guiding you in critical concerns like increasing conversion rates, or adapting your systems to specific international differences such as distribution and delivery methods, currencies, payment providers and browser or device choices. And as your business needs inevitably change, your eCommerce team will also help you fine tune your online presence to keep it attractive, inviting and exciting – evolving right along with your customers.

Don't forget the technical details – Your eCommerce specialists should be seasoned project managers who can also help you facilitate communications, prepare detailed documentation, stay abreast of technical issues, stick to budgets and keep your development schedule on-track and on-schedule. Whether it's software updates and architecture considerations, resource management, functionality or user experience (UX) concerns, you'll have everything covered, start to finish.

Good communication is crucial – You'll definitely want to look for a team that keeps you informed every step of the way, through timely reporting, regular meetings, intelligent goal setting, established protocols for rapid response to eCommerce issues, monitoring of site performance and real-time perspectives on both work in progress as well as future projects.

Full-service capabilities – Some firms may be great with ordinary site-building details, but you may also want the resources of a full-fledged eCommerce team that creates a compelling brand image through truly responsive graphic design, attractive product photography, professional copywriting and online-optimized videography. Forging an emotional connection with your customers through personalized marketing is something you can't take for granted. No amount of technical website proficiency can make up for the synergy of engaging words, pictures and user experiences in a well-crafted, captivating presentation of your products and company persona that differentiates who you are and what sets you apart from the competition.

Omni-channel order management – It's not enough to simply post products or information on your website; you'll also need to make sure that front-end and back-end systems are efficiently connected, working seamlessly to deliver on customer expectations. With an Omni-channel Order Management System (OMS), you'll have a total, 360-degree, real-time view of all orders and inventory in every distribution channel. What this means is, customers will enjoy the advantage of "buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return everywhere" whenever and wherever they are.

A vision for the future – Finally, here's the intangible quality that will really help you succeed, not by obsessing over the day-to-day details, but by taking a step back to see the big picture. Is your eCommerce company talented enough to offer a visionary approach, looking beyond current technologies and limitations? If they are, these eCommerce specialists are truly worth their weight in gold. They'll make your job easier than you ever imagined.