When it’s time to improve your eCommerce business’s customer service performance, looking for an outside partner may be your best path to rapid and effective upgrades. Expert third parties can complement your company’s strengths and reach out to your audience in ways that will bolster the organization’s overall appeal.

Building a strong customer service department, internally or externally, may help set your business apart from competitors. Forbes contributor Jia Wertz pointed out that in the era of ubiquitous online shopping, consumers sometimes find themselves unable to contact a helpful representative – or any human at all. This lack of connection is a major source of shopper frustration, so you should ensure your company prioritizes availability and responsiveness.

Traits of Great ECommerce Customer Service

Not all third-party service providers in the eCommerce field lend the same level of high-quality care. There are a few important characteristics to look for when auditioning potential partners to ensure that you’re not just receiving operational assistance, but also adding a real difference-making element to your company. The following are the traits that make a vendor ideal for eCommerce customer care support:

A long-term strategy

Customer care shouldn’t be entirely reactive. When companies focus on strategic objectives instead of just getting through the current day, month or quarter, they have the potential to truly improve and grow. Customer care teams will have to change over time, especially as the company as a whole shifts its attention, entering new markets, adding products to its lineup or going through rebranding. Third-party care partners that bring this strategic approach to their work are helpful to have.

Global reach

When your eCommerce business expands to new markets, your service and support should come along, developing solutions to suit the additional regions and unique customer preferences that come along. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean offshoring. Running a globally targeted service department from a U.S. base can keep the team close and accountable.

A graphic of customer sales representatives and a globe.Can your service team reach customers around the world?

Effective use of technology

Today’s customer care operations have access to technology that did not exist even a few years ago, helping professionals deal with your clients’ issues and questions in an efficient and effective manner. With that said, not every third-party partner will actually employ these useful solutions. You should find an organization that, for example, records and analyzes each interaction to proactively improve representative performance.

Industry specialization

Providing customer care is different in eCommerce than in other fields. Each industry has its own best practices and norms, and you should make sure your service partner of choice is aware of how to reach out to your audience and deliver an exemplary experience. Working with a more general type of call center may lead to less optimized interactions between personnel and customers. When you get your customer care from an end-to-end solution provider focusing on eCommerce, you stand a better chance of getting the targeted solutions your audience needs.

Advanced training methods

Any vendor you work with for eCommerce customer service should be proactive and forward-thinking in the way it trains personnel. The representatives assigned to assist your company must be aware of today’s service best practices. Training methods that use automation and digital data to improve employees’ skills and abilities over time are potentially valuable. Companies that don’t keep up with their training, or ones that use less technologically sound methodologies, may not deliver the same results – remember that the customer care team will be representing your company, so their aptitude affects perception of your business.

The Impact of Customer Service in ECommerce

Adding such a great eCommerce customer care partner to your organization is potentially impactful because it boosts your relationship with existing shoppers. Inc. contributor Fan Bi indicated that when eCommerce companies are eager to grow, they often focus on new customer acquisition and constant expansion. When you take time to strengthen the overall experience of buying from your business, however, cart abandonment may fall and repeat business can rise.

A well-rounded eCommerce company is one with a strong customer care team on its side, making its overall experience more welcoming to current customers. Adding third-party customer service assistance to your company is one way to rise to this new level with a reasonable investment and minimal internal disruption. Jagged Peak’s service offerings may be the boost your organization needs.