Successful companies know that good customer service is a key factor in sustaining a profitable business. Understanding how to satisfy consumers so they keep coming back for more products and services is critical, especially in today's modern – and complex – eCommerce world. Think about it: In online shopping, there's no face-to-face interaction with the customer, which means it's even more important to go above and beyond to meet consumer expectations when they visit your website.

Consider the following tips for improving customer service in eCommerce:

1. Establish a strong, multichannel strategy
With such a wide variety of channels to reach potential customers, these individuals simply don't browse the web the same way. To cater to everyone's wants and needs, it's smart to develop a multichannel strategy that enables consumers to shop and communicate with you. Research by the Aberdeen Group found that when companies prioritize omnichannel operations, they retain around 89% of their customers. Make connections beyond your website; think about how you can use email marketing, social media and mobile options to get to know your customers and how they prefer to shop.

A multichannel strategy can strengthen your reach.A multichannel strategy can strengthen your reach.

2. Make the connection convenient
Today, shoppers are so excited to get a package after shopping online that they basically wait by the window the second the payment goes through. Understanding when an item gets shipped and when customers can expect it to arrive keeps consumers from feeling like they're left in limbo. Offer text message updates so customers can track orders and feel confident in knowing where their purchase is at all times. 

3. Maintain a social presence
Most businesses today rely on social media for many reasons. Not only is it a ticket to free advertising, but also it offers an opportunity to connect directly with customers in a user-friendly, light-hearted way. Customers often flock to Facebook or Twitter to leave a review or comment about a product or service, which can ultimately make or break the reputation of a company. Whether it's a positive or negative review, companies can benefit widely from responding to the interaction immediately and effectively. Chatting through social channels offers another option to get to know consumers and satisfy their wants and needs.

4. Utilize live chat on your site
When customers have questions, the last thing they want to do is call your service hotline and listen to music while sitting on hold. Make it easier for consumers to connect with you by offering a live chat application. Not only does it get issues resolved quicker, but it also keeps customers on your website for a longer period of time. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, the first 10 seconds of a page visit are the most critical time period, as it establishes whether customers choose to stay or leave. The longer you can convince users to stay on your page, the better, and establishing an easy-to-use customer service option is one way to ensure it happens.  

"Manual fulfillment can be a recipe for disaster."

5. Invest in automated fulfillment
Manual fulfillment can be a recipe for disaster. Not only is it a waste of time and human resources, but it can also lead to dissatisfied customers in the event that something goes wrong in the initial handling process. An automated system can help you complete customer orders without human error.  

6. Have a satisfying return policy
When customers are unhappy with their orders, they shouldn't feel a heavier burden when it comes time to return the items back to you. Having a simple, easy-to-navigate return policy in place can save everyone trouble in the long-run, according to Forbes contributor Jia Wertz. Leave a section of your website dedicated to explaining your return process as clearly as possible. Other tips to consider include offering a full refund over store credit and providing a lengthy window for returning a product.

7. Improve your marketing game
If you feel as though you've lost touch with your current customers or want to reach new consumers, it's time to revisit your eCommerce digital marketing strategy. Jagged Peak can help you reconnect with your audience and come up with a personalized plan of action to strengthen your content, elevate engagement and increase revenue.