Omnichannel Order Management

A centralized hub to manage and monitor every aspect of your eCommerce ecosystem.

The hub for your eCommerce ecosystem.

EDGE® is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that connects front-end and back-end systems for a complete, 360-degree view of all your orders and inventory from every distribution channel.

Simply put, it is the hub that makes omnichannel retailing work. EDGE enhances the customer experience with real-time inventory availability from all your distribution channels and a flexible “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere” offering.

eCommerce platform

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EDGE® Order Management

EDGE is a best-in-class omnichannel order management system that manages any order type from any order source. Using rules-based order handling, it ensures each order is fully executable and shippable, streamlining and expediting the pick, pack and ship process. EDGE also provides real-time inventory availability across warehouses, stores or other shipping points, automatically directing orders to the optimal distribution point to save on shipping costs and provide exceptional delivery performance.

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EDGE® StorePoint

EDGE StorePoint is a web-based solution that enables omnichannel fulfillment by managing pickup in-store and ship-from-store orders from an easy-to-use online user interface. It complements traditional Point of Sale (POS) systems and helps retailers undergo an omnichannel transformation that creates a customer-centric experience across multiple sales channels.

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EDGE® VendorPortal

EDGE VendorPortal is an “out of the box” web solution for online retailers who utilize product suppliers to ship eCommerce orders on their behalf. EDGE VendorPortal was specifically developed to support product vendors who are tasked with shipping orders but lack the technical capabilities to utilize EDI as the method for order communications and inventory updates.

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EDGE® Customer Service Module

Maintain a superior customer service experience throughout all interactions via EDGE’s built-in Customer Service module that gives customer service reps the ability to enter, look up and manage customer orders, including updating customer address, processing returns and applying credits.

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EDGE enables Jagged Peak’s clients to build and operate world-class web stores employing the latest tools and best practices for comprehensive content and catalog management, product merchandising and online marketing, supporting one or multiple branded web stores.

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Features & Capabilities

  • Real-Time, Consolidated View of Transactional Information
  • Multi-Channel Order Capture and Aggregation
  • Perfect Order Life Cycle Management
  • Rules-Based Order Sourcing and Logistics
  • Multi-Point Inventory Management and Real-Time ATP
  • Multi-Language, Multi-Currency
  • Anywhere, Anytime Cloud Based Access
  • OpenTools, API’s, ESB Integration Tools
  • Fulfills online orders with in-store inventory
  • Facilitates Customer In-Store Pick-Up
  • Handles In-Store and Virtualized Returns Management
  • Manages Drop Shipping
  • “Saves-the-Sale” – Provides Visibilty and Logistics Capabilities for Low Inventory Items
  • Provides seamless, concurrent brand engagement
    across every channel



Integration Support

We understand complex systems; we’ll help you develop the best integration strategy and architecture for your ECP and OMS applications. Our team combines expertise, middleware and API’s to ensure a smooth integration into existing or new 3rd party systems.


Capture the Potential of Omnichannel Commerce

One-Stop Command Center

EDGE connects all the front-end and back-end systems to create a holistic view of your entire order lifecycle, all inventory and all orders from every distribution channel.

Real-Time, Endless Aisle Inventory

Increase product availability to customers by pooling your inventory from all channels. EDGE is a single data source for real-time inventory from all distribution channels – distribution centers, retail stores, drop-shippers and more.

Intelligent Order Routing

With automated, rules-based order sourcing, orders are fulfilled from the optimal distribution point to enable the fastest delivery, at the lowest cost.

Omnichannel Fulfillment Options

Unite in-store and online customer experiences, and provide a flexible “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere” shopping experience.