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June 26, 2017
Using Amazon Policies to the Seller’s advantage
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June 26, 2017
When a seller receives a negative review on Amazon a few things may run through their head. “How, did this happen, what can I do to fix this, how badly did this affect my rating?” But, there is a way to improve your seller rating by using Amazon’s policies to your advantage.

"What can I do to make this negative review go away?"

Amazon has a Policy of Reviews that every seller and customer has access to, when it comes to leaving feedback. If the seller understands the two policies regarding negative reviews, an increase of the Amazon star rating can be achieved with little effort towards the seller. A common practice of customers leaving negative feedback is the issuing of irrelevant reviews. This can be a number of things but most likely it will contain some kind of product review.
"Pick and Choose"
Though it is important to remove negative irrelevant reviews through the Policy of Reviews, Sellers should be aware of how use this policy to their advantage. An irrelevant positive review may be in violation of the review policies per Amazon, and would be removed if requested, leaving these reviews can adjust the seller rating in a positive manner. Using this ability to pick and choose which reviews are submitted are one way a seller has an advantage over Amazon’s policies.
If a negative review is disusing about the product and not the actual seller it can be removed through the review policies. The second common issue that leads to negative reviews, is the fulfillment of a product. For some smaller companies, the fulfillment may be completed by Amazon. If the package is late or destroyed in transit, and the shipping was completed by Amazon it is possible to remove this negative feedback because it does not pertain relevant information to the seller themselves.

The removal of negative and neutral reviews may seem like a bureaucratic nightmare to some sellers, but in reality it is a simple process using the Amazon Seller Central website. Under the Contact Seller Support page, there is a tab listed as Request Feedback Removal which only requires the order ID and a simple explanation justifying the request. If it is because of the two previously listed examples, it is as simple as checking a box. This use of requesting the removal of negative feedback places the responsibility on the user of Amazon Seller Central. The removal of negative feedback is important because it effects how customers may see the company and their history with other customers. It also effects on some degree the chances of obtaining the Prime badge, and later the Buy Box.