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August 29, 2014
Launching a Labor Day sale
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August 29, 2014
Labor Day may be the end of summer, but it is the perfect time for a sale. Labor Day may be the end of summer,
but it is the perfect time for a sale.
Although many merchants are likely dealing with back-to-school shoppers or may even have their eyes even further down the road looking at Halloween or the holidays, there are still several smaller holidays. Take, for example, Labor Day.

Although Labor Day does not really seem like the type of holiday that would attract much sales fervor, it is a three-day weekend holiday so a well-placed sale will always garner some interest from shoppers with no other plans. Merchants can use their inventory management systems to identify slow-moving items or products that are about to fall out of season and utilize Labor Day sales as a means to get rid of these goods before they start to lose their value.

For example, apparel merchants could take advantage of a Labor Day sale to get rid of shorts and other summer clothing. At the same time, they could also roll out the latest fall fashions, so even though people are looking to buy discounted summer apparel, they may also pick up some fall pieces at full price since they are already there.

A recent infographic from Nextopia looked at Labor Day sales and noted some of the common products people are looking for. As already mentioned, apparel is a popular category for Labor Day sales, but movies and accessories are two other leaders in that regard.

It is not hard for merchants to find reasons to have a sale. For many, Labor Day is just a convenient way to engage shoppers during a three-day weekend, since retailers are cognizant of the fact some people do not have anything else to do. Whether it is Labor Day or another holiday, merchants should always be looking for ways to get people to online stores.