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Expand Your Online Sales Channel

Successfully Expand Your Online Sales Channel Through Marketplaces

Jagged Peak’s marketplace team will help you expand your online footprint and boost sales. We’ll leverage our expertise and EDGE® eCommerce platform to help you strategize, launch, manage and monitor all your online channels. We manage various marketplaces including: Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Newegg, Sears and Tmall.

Marketplace Team Capabilities:
  • Adopt your business goals and set plans to meet them
  • List, manage and monitor your listings
  • Design pricing strategies to stay competitive
  • Setup sponsored product advertising in marketplaces
  • Manage seller reputation and the customer feedback process
  • Analyze your performance and provide actionable insights
  • Communicate updates and enhancements in each marketplace
  • Share best practices and identify areas of performance opportunity
  • Conduct regular status update meetings
eCommerce Marketplace Management
EDGE eCommerce Platform - The Hub for Marketplace Management EDGE Ecommerce Software
Manage multiple marketplaces in one single platform
  • View inventory and orders from all your online marketplaces in one platform
  • Manage and update your product catalog from one platform
  • Consolidate all orders in one single view
Share Inventory, intelligently route orders and optimize fulfillment
  • Get real-time information on inventory, order status and shipping
  • Monitor inventory allocation across the sales lifecycle
  • Intelligent route orders and fulfill from multiple DC’s based on customer proximity
  • Integrate with a variety of shipping tools for faster deliveries, at a lower cost
  • Avoid out-of-stock scenarios – share and manage available quantity across marketplaces
  • Customize invoices and messaging on customer invoices per marketplace
Actionable Analytics and Reporting
  • Leverage the analytics dashboard to compare sales and find trends in marketplaces
  • Analyze best-selling products and slower movers in each marketplace
  • View order history and build customer lists for future marketing campaigns