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White Papers
Supply Chain Survey White Paper Boston Retail Partners’ 2014 Annual Supply Chain Benchmark Survey

Jagged Peak is a proud sponsor of BRP’s 2014 Supply Chain Benchmark Survey, which examines the impact of technology on the supply chain and explores how retailers are using new tools and technologies to respond to the consumers’ unified commerce expectations and deliver real-time retail.

Brains Behind Omnichannel Retailing White Paper How The OMS Is Brains Behind Omnichannel Retailing

This new FitForCommerce white paper details the key retailer findings and provides recommendations for building the infrastructure needed for successful omnichannel retailing―starting with a solid back-end foundation.

Optimizing the User Experience White Paper Optimizing the User Experience

This white paper discusses the core eCommerce UX best practices for product search, online help and checkout, and aligns those with the EDGE™ platform's capabilities.

Increase your eCommerce Profitability White Paper Want to Increase your eCommerce Profitability?

This eye-opening whitepaper presents a compelling business case for outsourcing your direct-to-customer eCommerce channel.

ACES The ACES Methodology - Creating superior customer experiences through an optimized supply chain

Jagged Peak developed ACES (Achieving Customer Experience Superiority), an innovative measurement model that establishes the industry's first link between customer experience and order fulfillment. This white paper demonstrates how ACES is utilized to quantify your strategies for achieving customer experience superiority and measure progress against your goals.

Lost Opportunities Opportunity Lost - A Frank Discussion About Why Today's Order Management Systems Prevent Sales and Marketing Executives From Delivering on Their Vision

The customer experience is increasingly important as a competitive weapon. The purpose of this white paper is to provide non-technical sales and marketing execs with the insight they need to understand how great order management can also help deliver exceptional customer experiences and arm them with facts they need to enter a solution-oriented discussion with their IT leadership counterpart.

Overcoming Order Management Shortfalls The Elephant in the Room- How Order Management Shortfalls Undermine IT Success – and How CIOs Can Beat the Problem Once and for All

This white paper addresses the issues caused by poor order management systems that are stunting revenue growth and damaging customer satisfaction and uncovers how CIOs can combat the problem with technology foundations that propel success without compromising their current ERP.

Fulfillment Technology The State of the Art in Fulfillment System Technology

This is an insightful and comprehensive walk through history - as well as a current analysis of best practices for Direct Commerce Order Management and Fulfillment Solutions. Software, services, pricing options, and platforms are explored.

Developing a Successful Sales Incentive Program Developing a Successful Sales Incentive Program in Luxury Goods and Services

This paper explores what a successful sales incentive program looks like through the consumers' eyes, the costs organizations incur by maintaining the status quo, and the key steps organizations need to consider as they consider developing a successful sales-incentive program.

Implementing a Successful Sales Incentive Program Implementing a Successful Sales Incentive Program

There are various deliberate steps that must be taken that are consistent contributors to the success of a sales-incentive program in value-driven markets. This paper explores Jagged Peak's success in implementing these steps to contribute to their clients' successful sales-incentive program.

Case Study
TAG Heuer Case Study Case Study - TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer employs an on-demand solution to manage materials,
enhance productivity, and increase sales team satisfaction.

Omnichannel 101 Infographic Omnichannel 101

Omnichannel 101 - Aspiring to connect online and in-store shopping to deliver
personalized and convenient customer experiences?


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