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FlexNet: Open Source Fulfillment

Order fulfillment on demand―any time … any place

Set aside all of your pre-existing notions about order fulfillment and start thinking in terms of warehouses as ubiquitous distribution points vs. standalone structures. Once you're in this frame of mind, then you're ready to learn about FlexNet … and the new concept of Open Source Fulfillment.

While FlexNet consists of scores of traditional warehouses, it's not constrained by these facilities in terms of their location, type of structure or size. Essentially, FlexNet can source and fulfill orders wherever inventory exists. Your fulfillment location literally can be a closet, a car trunk, a retail store, your own distribution center or even a 3PL with specialized handling capabilities or excess capacity.

This unique model is possible because FlexNet applies virtual Web principles to physical infrastructure. Designed specifically for high-velocity eCommerce order fulfillment, FlexNet utilizes Jagged Peak's EDGE proprietary Web-based technology platform. It can be deployed any place, any time to support any program, any client and any product; and, since it's fully integrated, it offers complete order and inventory visibility and transparency across your entire operational footprint.

Another key differentiator―and one that is paramount to fulfillment cost and time optimization―is FlexNet's ability to direct orders to the optimal fulfillment point based on inventory availability, customer proximity and delivery promise date, including determining the lowest-cost shipping method to meet the specified delivery date.

The result: perfect orders; sourced to the optimal location; that can be picked, packed and shipped the same day; and delivered within one to two days at cost-saving ground rates.


  • Any Place, Any Time Fulfillment
  • Supports Any Program, Any Client, Any Product
  • Expandable, Adaptable, Flexible, Scalable
  • Short- and Long-term Solution
  • Leverages Best-of-Breed Suppliers
  • Improved Service Delivery, Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Freight and Fulfillment Costs
  • Deliver on Customer Promise, Build Brand
  • Right-Now Execution (Rapid Set Up, Deployment, Reconfiguration)
  • Nominal Capital Investment


  • Planning, Consulting, Program Management
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management
  • Dedicated Program Management
  • Multi-Source, Multi-Channel Order Management and Order Processing
  • CC Authorization and Payment Processing
  • High-Velocity Pick, Pack and Ship (Same Day)
  • D2C Order Fulfillment (Pick, Pack and Ship)
  • Small Parcel to Truckload
  • Drop Ship and International Order Fulfillment
  • Domestic and International Shipping; Address Hygiene
  • Transportation Management; Customs Management
  • Least Cost Routing/Service Cost Optimization
  • Digital Asset Management/Fulfillment
  • Retail Compliance Pack Out
  • Kitting and Contract Assembly/Packaging; Special Handling
  • Reverse Logistics/Returns Management
  • Help Desk Customer Service (Tier 2)
  • Real-Time, On-Demand Reporting