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  • RG Barry (Dearfoams, Foot Petals)

    RG Barry Corporation deployed its second storefront since January 2011 using the EDGE™ eCommerce platform. EDGE is being used to power the front-end website and facilitate complete order management. The first site deployed using EDGE was Dearfoams, RG Barry's #1 slipper brand, at www.dearfoams.com. And, in September it launched www.footpetals.com, following its recent acquisition Foot Petals—a company that offers more than 20 unique footwear products, accessories and kits that offer women solutions to common foot problems caused by wearing their favorite shoes.
    "Since we already use Jagged Peak's EDGE eCommerce platform, having deployed the Dearfoams web store earlier this year, we knew integrating our recent acquisition, Foot Petals, onto the same system just made good operational and business sense. EDGE enables us to flexibly self manage our front-end website and integrate our back-end systems using EDI. And, given our history with the EDGE platform, we could streamline internal processes, as well as leverage existing Dearfoams.com functionality to delight Foot Petals' online customers now and well into the future."
    —Kathryn Milette, Internet Manager, RG Barry Corporation

    PROGENEX manufactures an extensive range of sports nutrition supplements, which include MORE MUSCLE, RECOVERY, GROWTH and associated products. Jagged Peak's EDGE™ eCommerce platform is being used to manage online order execution, inventory and transportation. Additionally, Jagged Peak's FlexNet advanced logistics solution is being used to reduce shipping costs and time in transit to improve overall customer satisfaction through increased order accuracy and delivery service. For more information, please visit www.progenexusa.com

    "With FlexNet, customer service calls, order reliability and transportation costs go down - simultaneously - which is what matters most to our customers. And, it's been a boon for our brands because customer satisfaction levels and repurchase rates grow exponentially—which is what matters most to our business."

    — Cameron Verdi, Director, PROGENEX
  • LVMH (Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton)

    A world leader in luxury products, LVMH has a unique portfolio of more than 60 prestigious brands . Jagged Peak's relationship with LVMH began in 2004 with an online store for their employees. Since then, Jagged Peak has been asked to support the online presence of multiple LVMH's brands, including perfume and cosmetics companies Fresh, Givenchy and Kenzo.

    All three of these LVMH brands use Jagged Peak's EDGE eCommerce platform to power their online properties—from their front-end Web stores to all of their order management. The EDGE platform is integrated with LVMH's JD Edwards ERP system, using EDI to communicate transactional order information

  • TAG Heuer

    TAG Heuer is one of the world's largest and most respected luxury watch brands. Its name is synonymous with watch-making innovation, and it is also known for its innovative approach to advertising and marketing. As an example, in 2006, TAG Heuer became the first major Swiss watch maker to begin selling its products online. And, in typical TAG Heuer fashion, it did so in a very unique way.

    To accomplish the goal of enabling its customers to buy online while still supporting its retail partners, the watch maker turned to Jagged Peak to leverage the flexibility and extensibility of the EDGE™ eCommerce platform. The resulting EDGE solution has enabled TAG Heuer to launch hundreds of eStores from a single operating environment where they control the product catalogs and merchandising. This enables TAG Heuer to protect its brand and avoid unwanted product discounting. It also extends fully functioning eCommerce websites to participating retailers, enabling them to dynamically manage their own content and graphics. Another key component of Jagged Peak's solution was the deployment of an easy-to-use web portal through which TAG Heuer's retailers manage back-office activities and processes related to inventory, customers, orders and fulfillment.

    Today Jagged Peak provides ongoing application and website hosting, as well as technical support and monitoring tools for well over 120 eCommerce websites for TAG Heuer and its retail partners.

  • Marriot Vacation Club

    Marriott Vacation Club is a world leader in vacation property timeshare ownership, and is widely known for its signature properties, customer service and hospitality expertise. Beginning in early 2006, the organization began evaluating Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to consolidate hundreds of thousands of electronic files consisting property photos, executive head shots and property brochures among other items used in advertising and marketing Marriott Vacation Club properties throughout the world.

    After evaluating a number of enterprise-level DAM, Marriott turned to Jagged Peak to deploy the EDGE eCommerce platform and its robust, user-friendly catalog management engine to provide storage and a catalog-styled publication of its digital assets. Available through Marriott's internal brand compliance portal, called the "Brand Pool," Jagged Peak's DAM solution enables Marriott employees to search, preview and select from multiple file formats to download in a rules-based environment. The advanced search functionality lets users to search by a wide range of criteria, including type of property (e.g., golf course), location or even a specific photographer. The solution also provides rules-based reporting to tracks downloads. Jagged Peak hosts Marriott's Brand Pool through a SaaS-based model, making it a very cost-effective alternative to many traditional DAM solutions.

  • AIG Sun America

    American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading international insurance organization serving customers in more than 130 countries. In the U.S., AIG's Domestic Life and Retirement Services are provided by SunAmerica Financial Group, which manages $19 billion in premiums and deposits for more than 16 million customers.

    Operating in a highly regulated industry, SunAmerica turned to Jagged Peak in 2003 to provide a secure online collateral order management solution capable of handling the highly complicated order capture and distribution requirements for its financial prospectus and policy information. Jagged Peak deployed the EDGE eCommerce platform in a hosted SaaS environment and leveraged EDGE's powerful Demand Rules engine to handle literally thousands of governmentally mandated rules—including HIPAA compliance—that apply to SunAmerica's investment products. EDGE also handles the complex kitting requirements with warehouse instructions that encompass the hierarchical arrangement of collateral in a folder, substitution rules, revision controls and expiration dates.

    Jagged Peak built and hosts SunAmerica's online collateral management portal, which is login and password protected, so only affiliated insurance agents can access the site. The solution also supports secure call center order entry. Giving agents the ability to download materials, have them faxed or emailed to them, or use a print-on-demand feature to ship fully assembled kits to their office or a customer's home address has streamlined SunAmerica's collateral fulfillment processes, saving both time and money.

  • Swiss Tourism

    For more than a decade, Jagged Peak's EDGE platform has been the eCommerce engine behind www.myswitzerlandshop.com — the Swiss Department of Tourism's gateway to the North American tourist trade.

    Enabling multi-channel players to order either digital or printed brochures and other travel-related collateral, this site represents one of the first-ever implementations of TotalCommerce, whereby Jagged Peak provides an end-to-end solution for everything from the website fir order capture to order management, sourcing and fulfillment.

    Comprising both B2C and a B2B components, www.myswitzerland.com makes it easy for tourists, travel agents and tour operators to access collateral about travel destinations in Switzerland. Additionally, the B2B site is used for lead generation, enabling the Swiss Department of Tourism to capture an individual's contact information as it's entered into the forms on the B2C site. It then passes the lead to the nearest participating travel agent who, in turn, follows up with the individual to see if they can provide them with additional information or book their travel.

  • Medix Select

    Starting out as a new business in 2010, Medix Select wanted to create an online market for its high-quality dietary supplements (often referred to as nutraceuticals). Medix Select was looking for a turnkey eCommerce solution and turned to Jagged Peak and its end-to-end eCommerce solution, TotalCommerce, which bundles the EDGE eCommerce platform with IT services and Jagged Peak's fully optimized FlexNet order fulfillment services. The result is a fine-tuned operation in which orders are created online and delivered to the optimal warehouse for same-day picking, packing and shipping. The bonus is that most households in the U.S. get delivery within one to two days at ground rates, ensuring an exceptional customer experience while offering substantial savings on shipping costs.

    This value proposition was very compelling to Medix Select since it is consistent with the concept behind their Smart Ship Program. This program is designed to help the customer take the worry out of remembering to re-order; plus, it's designed to save them money. If a customer selects the Smart Ship Program, they automatically receive heavily discounted three-month supply of the selected product every 90 days; and the shipping is free. With EDGE's capability to easily handle auto shipments and recurring orders, Medix Select knew it could roll out the Smart Ship Program without incurring the extra cost associated with custom development and knowing they could sustain the free shipping offer given the savings they would realize using ground rates.
  • Pelican ProGear™

    Jagged Peak's TotalCommerce™ solution was selected in 2012 to support Pelican Products, Inc's new Pelican ProGear direct-to-consumer initiative, providing everything from the front-end website to order management and North American order fulfillment services. Pelican Products is a leader in design and manufacture of technically advanced, ruggedized, water-tight equipment protector cases, backpacks and advanced lighting systems primarily used by firefighters, police, defense/military, aerospace, entertainment and industrial sectors.
    "When we decided to launch a consumer product line, we looked for an eCommerce technology and services provider that could handle everything from the front-end website to the back-end order fulfillment. Jagged Peak offered the capabilities we were looking for. They did a great job and executed very quickly."

    ―David Williams, Pelican Products' Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
  • Néstle/Nespresso

    Jagged Peak has been supporting Néstle/Nespresso's rapidly growing North American boutique retail and online consumer channels using the EDGE Order Management System (OMS) and FlexNet fulfillment services since 2002. EDGE optimizes order delivery for Nespresso coffee makers and coffee capsules, leveraging its provider optimization capabilities. EDGE then sources orders to the optimal warehouse based on inventory availability and customer proximity, providing perfect orders to the perfect provider. Next, EDGE's fully integrated TMS shops both carrier and carrier service to meet the customer promise date, matching the perfect carrier and service. The results have been substantial decreases in Customer Wait Time and total delivery costs.

    Another major competitive advantage and differentiator for Nespresso has been the introduction in 2012 of same-day delivery in several major metro markets. This service ensures that orders placed by 4 p.m. are delivered by 7 p.m. that evening.
  • Baggallini

    The new Baggallini website, www.baggallini.com , which launched in November 2012, marks the second time in less than a year that footwear and fashion accessory company RG Barry Corporation has re-launched the online store of an acquired brand using Jagged Peak's EDGE™ eCommerce Platform.

    The Baggallini brand sells fashionable yet utilitarian handbags, tote bags and travel accessories and has built its brand on the premise that "order is beautiful." Baggallini was acquired by RG Barry in March of 2011, and the website re-platforming effort began in the summer of 2012. The new website leverages the enhanced functionalities of the latest version of EDGE, including color swatching, videos, store locator, returns processing, international shipping and more.
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