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EDGE Software
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EDGE Platform Overview
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Agile Website Management
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Agile Website Management

Agile: The best of everything … unlike anything.

Developing advanced eCommerce websites is time consuming and expensive; managing and administering them, even more so. With EDGE’s content management module, called Agile, you get market-leading WYSIWYG page-editing capabilities that give both web developers and non-technical users alike the ability to build functionally rich web stores without the constraint of templates, or the time and cost associated with developing code.

More Than Content Management

Creating, editing and managing site layout, page layouts, navigation and even SEO administration are efficient and easy.

Not only can you manage content easily through a simple-to-use Rich Text WYSIWYG editor, Agile also uniquely enables you to activate and add pre-built, advanced eCommerce functionalities directly to your website(s). Shopping carts, catalogs, guided and keyword search, customer reviews, product comparisons, gift registries, wish-lists, email-a-friend, order tracking, newsletter sign ups and more are all easily added to your website with the click of a mouse.
And, when you're done, Agile enables you to preview and publish updates in real time.

Powered by EDGE

Unlike integrated solutions that involve multiple vendor systems, Agile is built as an integral module within the EDGE platform. This provides you with a comprehensive and seamless all-in-one solution to manage every aspect of your eCommerce enterprise—front to back.

Designed with You in Mind

Whether you're a web development company looking for an enterprise platform to build world-class eCommerce websites or a marketer looking to manage your own company's website, Agile is designed for you. It provides you the tools to build sites from the ground up and to manage daily content changes and updates with ease.